Oct 2, 2007 2:37:13 PM

Certified Security Solutions Targets Return on Investment With Applied Certificate Services Solution Pack

Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS), a leading provider of information security consulting services, released its fourth Solution Pack today, a fixed-price corporate security application-integration solution for smart cards, single sign-on, secure remote access, and laptop data encryption.

The Applied Certificate Services (ACS) Solution Pack is a consulting service engagement for common corporate IT challenges. The structured project leverages network security capabilities in the Microsoft Windows Server System that are often under-utilized due to design and configuration complexity.

The ACS Solution Pack is built on public key infrastructure technology that helps organizations scale to address governance, security, privacy, audit and maintenance issues. Public key infrastructure has numerous advantages for defense-in-depth security strategies. Implementing the ACS Solution Pack can reduce security incidents, streamline operations, and improve a company's risk profile.

"The concept and results of the fixed-price features of our ACS Solution Pack are a direct result of our consultants' extensive knowledge base, developed over several years of engagements," says Michael Evans, President & CEO of Certified Security Solutions. "This new capability provides our clients efficient, productive use of their resources in addressing corporate concerns such as privacy, confidentiality and strong authentication."