Apr 6, 2009 2:30:56 PM

Certified Security Solutions Announces New Software Offering: The Certificate Management System (CMS)

Certified Security Solutions, Inc. (CSS), a leading provider of information security consulting services, unveils the release of a new software offering called the Certificate Management System (CMS). CMS allows organizations to effectively track the expiration of critical certificates and certificate revocation lists (CRLs) in a Microsoft Certificate Services environment.

CSS has a vast experience covering multiple industry verticals deploying Microsoft Certificate Services and associated Public Key Infrastructure related products. Based on feedback from their clients, CSS developed CMS to simplify the tracking of non-user certificates issued to mission critical applications across an organization. All too often, the effort of tracking certificates and expiration dates is a manual process, and if certificates expire, the applications they are protecting will no longer function correctly leading to an outage.

"I am excited about the introduction of the CMS software as it will allow our customers to reduce their operational costs and effort to support their PKIs," said Kevin von Keyserling, CEO of Certified Security Solutions. "CMS's automatic email reports of impending certificate expiration or CRL problems will dramatically reduce the outages caused by an expired certificate."